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Why we do what we do

Picture yourself standing on one side of a huge chasm. A chasm that is nearly impossible to cross alone. All of your hopes and dreams are on the other side, you can see them clearly. All you need is a way to cross over...a bridge to cross.


This is the picture that so many single moms face in their journey to provide a safe, healthy and prosperous home for their children. 

These women have the simple dream of stable, fulfilling employment and the ability to live a self sustaining life without the need for government assistance, or the charity of others. They want to contribute to the world around them, and raise healthy, productive children, breaking the destructive cycle of poverty that life has forced them into. 

They have had to put their education, and wellbeing on hold in order to keep a roof over their children's heads. Often trapped in unproductive relationships, exposed to danger for them and their children. 

Why it works - Partner families who are dedicated to change

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