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Why a Bridge?

Is a bridge the only way across the chasm?... of course not, there are other ways that single moms could be transported to the other side, a helicopter ride, a moving sidewalk, maybe even a rocket ship! 

The illustration of a bridge is vital because it involves effort on the part of the mom who is crossing. Bridges usually involve an uphill portion that requires great strength and motivation to overcome. It is not an easy journey. 

Molly's Bridge will never be a free ride to the other side. We carefully partner with moms who display a clear vision of their intended outcome, and the motivation to put in the hard work to achieve it. 

Our partner mom's must meet high standards, and maintain strict guideline while engaged with Molly's Bridge. During this period, a singular focus on reaching a self sustaining household is the key to success. 

Please check out Molly's story to learn more about the single mom who's life provided the inspiration for our organization. 

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