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Tim and Susan Fall

Tim and Susan founded Molly's Bridge in 2017 inspired by the life of Tim's Mother as she faced the struggle of being a single mom. Their intent and desire for Molly's Bridge is to provide solutions and pathways for women in similar circumstances to realize their dreams of self sufficiency, community involvement and flourishing families.

They live in Savannah Georgia and have two children, Zachary and Lydia. Tim is the co-founder and executive director of Molly's Bridge. Susan is co-founder and board secretary.


Board of Directors

GP Headshot.jpg

George Perez

George and his wife Gretchen have called Savannah their home since 1996. Partnering with motivated individuals who desire to improve their circumstances and provide a safe, healthy and productive home to raise their children and break the cycle of emotional and financial poverty is what we do. This is Molly’s Bridge.

Milinda Jones

Milinda lives in Savannah with her husband Ken. They have a daughter and a son who are both married and have two beautiful grandchildren.


She has lived in Savannah since 1993 and has worked in Human Resources for several companies in the area. Throughout her career she has seen the obstacles that many single mothers have to face in their day to day lives. She believes that Molly’s Bridge is a wonderful opportunity to tap into the local community to provide advocacy and resources to build a bridge to self-sufficiency and success.


Carol Boykin

Carol lives in Savannah with her husband, Clayton. They have two daughters and one son-in-law who all live in Atlanta.

As the Neighbors Liaison at Community Bible Church, Carol has been actively involved in building relationships with many single moms and their kids over the last 12 years. She sees being on the MB board as the perfect opportunity to connect these families to community advocates and tangible resources. In these valuable ways, our capable mamas can  bridge their gifts and talents into living self-sufficiently.

Jordan McNear

Jordan is a native of Savannah and a mother of two boys, Calvin and Christian. She’s worked locally in the health care field for over 13 years  where she has discovered her passion for serving people. As a single mom herself who has overcome many obstacles, serving on the board at Molly’s Bridge provides a great opportunity to offer tangible resources, guidance, advocacy and support to other single moms.

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