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What we do

Molly's Bridge partners with single mother led families for 24 to 36 months in a supportive environment providing safe, secure housing, family advocacy and ally team support. 

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Supportive Transitional Housing

To provide a foundation for all of the other services we offer, our partner families live on-site in the Molly's Bridge community. 

Safe homes, activity space, community garden and a playground allow families to thrive and to reach the full potential for which they were created .

Family Advocacy

Partner families are then paired with a dedicated family advocate, experienced and knowledgable of available resources to equip and empower them to reach their goals of self-sufficiency. Goals are set and regular meetings track progress and provide continued guidance. Many partner moms choose to re-start or continue their education in order to obtain meaningful career employment and support their families. Career counseling, financial stewardship training, family counseling and many other services are provided to suit the specific needs of the family.


Ally Teams

Finally, each family is partnered with a group of supportive and caring women from the community. This team provides support and encouragement throughout the journey and beyond. Group activities, weekly phone or in-person contact and quarterly gatherings let our partner families know they are loved, and they matter to our community. 

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