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Volunteer Opportunities With Molly's Bridge

If you would like to help Molly's Bridge serve some incredible single mother led families, we have many opportunities for you to join in. We have work projects for 1 to 2 people for a few hours all the way up to groups of 10 or 12 that may take several days, whatever you or your group are ready for! We also need volunteers to assist with serving and child care during our Faith and Finance classes as well as help to staff the MAMA-Run 5K held every Mother's Day weekend! If you're interested in joining an Ally Team or working in Family Advocacy, we would love to talk too. 

Below are examples of work projects that need to be accomplished at the Molly's Bridge property. Contact us at to sign up or to discuss other opportunities. Let us know how many volunteers you have and what size project you're interested in.

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